• Jeanré du Plessis


Updated: Oct 17, 2018


What on earth could be better for me than the chance to tell a love story through my eyes and through my lens. Wow, always an honor when a couple trusts me enough to allow me to capture the most special day of their lives!

The other day I asked myself the question..."who am I??" I think I have the answer now. I am all of the moments I capture, the memories, the laughter, the love that I am blessed enough to experience through my lens, safely, behind my camera...not judging,just being there in the moment with all my clients.Thank you Karla and Dirk for letting me be part of this incredible day and letting me experience and capture these forever moments for you!

I was really so excited about Dirk and Karla's wedding! I literally counted the days. They are such an amazing couple with a very laid back, rustic style and their wedding day was even more perfect than what I expected!

This beautiful rabbit themed wedding was perfectly planned and executed! The ceremony took place in "the forest " and the reception was enjoyed in "the Barn" at the extremely popular and amazing venue, de Uijlenes. I always get so excited when I find out my bridal couples are getting married here!! I love everything about this place! Once again...they didn't disappoint.

Photos tell the story better than words, but first....20 questions for the lovely couple!!

Who hogs most of the bed?

K- Dirk, and the dogs!! He also hogs the covers!!

D- Ek

Who is the better driver

K- Dirk D- Ek

Who is the better cook? K- Dirk (sometimes)

D- Ek dink Karla ma nie altyd nie.

Who uses more toilet paper?

K- Karla

D- Karla

Who has bigger feet?

K- Dirk

D- .Ek

Who has better vision?

K- Karla

D- Karla

Who has better hearing?

K- Dirk

D-Nie een nie

Who is worse with direction?

K- Dirk

D- Ek

Who sneezes more?

K- Karla

D- Karla

If A Genie Granted You 3 Wishes Right Now, What Would You Wish For?

K- Enough space for more dogs!! Can wish number 2 also be more dogs? Probably a farm and a holiday as well

D- Mony,health,long happy life

What was your first date like?

K- Funny

D- Kannie onthou nie

If you could become any fictional character, who would you be?

K- Poseidon or something like that, rule over the sea

D- Goku

Would you rather have no showers for a week or no sex for a year?

K- No shower :)

D- No showers

What’s the weirdest food you’ve heard about that you would be prepared to try?

K- Poutine, sounds amazing!

D- Walvis tiette op toast.

What are the five material possessions you will like to save, if your house is on fire?

K- Photos, engagement ring, necklace Dirk gave me, can't think of anything else

D-Fone tv rekenaar diepvries kar

What is your idea of a romantic holiday?

K- Anywhere we can spend time together

D- 1 week in maldives

What is your spouse's favorite thing to drink? and yours?

K- Beer!! and yours? Brandy

D- brannewyn, gaskoeldrank

What your spouse's favorite cereal? and yours?

K- Both prefer toast, but he likes instant oats and melktert pap

D- Oz eeti pap nie.

Wedding vendors

Venue- De Uijlenes

Makeup- Christelle Lourens

Hair- Christelle Lourens

Dress-Bride & Co

Bridesmaid dresses-Ek trou

Dj-Leon Carstens


Created by Jeanré du Plessis